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Airframes Alaska Standard PA-18 Wide Body Fuselage ABI Scott Tailwheel 3200 Collapsible Liquid Containment Bag for Bush Flying Airframes Alaska Cub Logo Shirt
Wide-Body PA-18 Fuselage
Our Price: $15,100.00
Vintage Cub TShirt - Grey
Our Price: $20.00
At 4 inches wider than the Standard PA-18 Fuselage, this Cub airframe still benefits from the safety and strength features in the Airframes Alaska basic stock design. 8" assembly is built with a heavy duty steering arm and a standard 2.80" x 2.50" x 4" tire.

FAA-PMA direct replacement for Scott 3200 Tail Wheel Assembly.
Easily haul and stow water and more with this pliable, durable, and collapsible two-hand liquid containment bag.
The classic cub logo with an Airframes Alaska twist.

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  • Birchwood Airport (PABV)
  • 20130 Birchwood Spur Road
  • Chugiak, AK 99567
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  • Monday-Friday | 7am-5pm AKT
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