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Introducing the New Airstreak

We’ve redesigned the Airstreak, our Alaskan Bushwheel brand backcountry tire for aircraft with a gross load up to 1700 lbs.

The new Airstreak 2.0 features 20% thicker tread, yet weighs 1 lb less per tire. Take them off airport, run them at low PSI, all the performance features from the classic Airstreak stay the same (including the price).

Order now. Shipping mid June.

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26" Airstreak Alaskan Bushwheel 26" Airstreak 2.0

Our lightest certified Bushwheel brand option available for light sport aircraft.

PRICE: $1,055.00
29" Airstreak Alaskan Bushwheel 29" Airstreak 2.0

Lightweight and durable certified 29" Airstreak tire designed for LSA.

PRICE: $1,320.00

Longer Life. Lighter Tire.

Airstreaks are made for flying and landing off-field in the most rugged backcountry conditions. Proudly made in Alaska. Proven by bush pilots the world over.

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