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Alaskan Bushwheel Airstreak 2.0 Ultralight
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Alaskan Bushwheels

Where you're going, you don't need runways.

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26" Airstreak Alaskan Bushwheel 26" Airstreak 2.0

Our lightest certified Bushwheel brand option available for light sport aircraft.

PRICE: $1,185.00
26" Alaskan Bushwheel 26" Alaskan Bushwheel

Smallest and lightest Bushwheel and compatible with most aircraft.

PRICE: $1,445.00
29" Airstreak Alaskan Bushwheel 29" Airstreak 2.0

Lightweight and durable certified 29" Airstreak tire designed for LSA.

PRICE: $1,465.00
Airframes Alaska Sticker Airframes Alaska stickers

The official Airframes Alaska Sticker, five inches tall by six inches wide and the coolest sticker you will put on your tool box, plane, or any "other" mode of transportation. Package of 2.

PRICE: $5.00
Airframes/Bushwheels Hoodie Airframes/Bushwheels Runways Everywhere Hoodie

Airframes Alaska/Bushwheels Runways Everywhere Hoodie

PRICE: $38.00
AKBW Long Sleeve Shirt in Vintage Black AKBW Long Sleeve Tee - Black

Pretty much the best long-sleeved shirt you'll wear.

PRICE: $30.00
AKBW Long Sleeve Shirt in Military Green AKBW Long Sleeve Tee - Green

Pretty much the best long-sleeved shirt you'll wear as well.

PRICE: $30.00
Alaska Bushwheels photo TShirt Alaska Bushwheels photo TShirt

Runways Optional print t-shirt in a super soft tri-blend cotton.

PRICE: $20.00
Life Beyond Runways Flat Brimmed Hat Life Beyond Runways Flat Brim Trucker Hat

The Life Beyond Runways flat brim trucker hat. One size fits most with the adjustable snapback closure

PRICE: $26.00
Life Beyond Runways Hat Life Beyond Runways Trucker Hat

The Life Beyond Runways sun washed trucker hat. One size fits most with the adjustable snapback closure

PRICE: $26.00
Alaska Bushwhees Airframes Alaska TTop Runways Everywhere Limited Edition Tank Top

Alaska Bushwheels/Airframes Alaska cotton blend tank top

PRICE: $20.00
Alaska Bushwhees Airframes Alaska TShirt Runways Everywhere Long Sleeve TShirt

Alaska Bushwheels/Airframes Alaska long sleeve cotton blend tee

PRICE: $30.00
A little Bushwheel background. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. In the case of the now venerable Bushwheel, it was necessity coupled with that nagging itch to get out there beyond the airport, airstrip, or tame patch of cut grass where backcountry flying really begins. First came the oversized balloon tires made in the off season by aviation tinkerers like Weldy Phillips, and then a slew of under-the-radar lookalikes in the '70s, '80s, and 90's that did the job albeit not too safely.

That's what the original inventors of Alaskan Bushwheels sought to bring to the bush flying community: A tested and approved bush tire that gets pilots out into the wilds and back again safely.

Several years later and the brand includes two variants, the lightweight Airstreak and trusty Bushwheel. The brand is also "Alaskan" in a real sense. In 2014 Airframes Alaska bought the company and moved all manufacturing from Oregon back home to the 49th state.

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