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Airframes Alaska PA-18 Tail Section PA-18 Tail Section Replacement Cabin AFT

FAA/PMA approved replacement for an aft cabin PA-18 tail section.

PRICE: $3,000.00
PA-18 Tail Section Replacement 3' PA-18 Tail Section Replacement 3'

FAA/PMA approved 3-foot PA-18 tail section replacement.

PRICE: $1,800.00
PA-18 Super Cub Lower Door PA-18 Lower Door

FAA/PMA approved lower door for a PA-18 fuselage.

PRICE: $490.00
PA-18 Top Deck Former PA-18 Top Deck Former

FAA/PMA approved top deck fabric former for a PA-18.

PRICE: $355.00
PA-18 Super Cub Upper Door PA-18 Upper Door

FAA/PMA approved upper door for a PA-18 Super Cub.

PRICE: $306.00
PA-18 Fabric Formers Arch Set PA-18 Fabric Formers, Arch Set

Six-piece set of PA-18 fabric former arches.

PRICE: $280.00
PA-18 Jack Screw Tower Jack Screw Tower

Jack screw tower.

PRICE: $140.00
PA-18 Tail Post Tail Post

PN: AF22412

Sub assembly of the STC'd AF18 fuselage.

PRICE: $130.00
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