Airframes Alaska LLC is an aviation fabrication and engineering company located in Chugiak, Alaska. Our 39 employees support thousands of worldwide customers in their pursuit of the bush flying mission and lifestyle. Guests are always welcome to tour our facility. We are constantly on the hunt for bright and motivated individuals to join our winning team.

Fuselage Fabrication

Airframes Alaska specializes in welded assemblies for PA-18 style aircraft including STC and FAA/PMA replacement parts for certified PA-18 aircraft as well as assemblies for use in the experimental marketplace. We are well known for our Ultimate Alaskan PA-18 Bush Fuselage, wide-body PA-18 replacement airframe, and for our “super duty” landing gear assemblies.

Alaskan Bushwheels

In 2014 Airframes Alaska purchased Alaskan Bushwheels and moved the business from Oregan back home to Chugiak, Alaska. The brand is truly Alaskan again -- we now make and/or assemble every item in the Alaskan Bushwheel family of products locally. This includes Baby Bushwheel tailwheels, ABI wheel and brake assemblies, and your Alaskan Bushwheels. More than any other aviation improvement, our hand-built Bushwheels have expanded the safe operating envelope of bush planes worldwide.

Engineering | Research & Development

Airframes Alaska maintains a talented engineering team who develop and test new products as well as manage improvement timelines for all parts currently in production. Our engineers and fabricators utilize Solid Works, 3D printing technologies, and CNC machining to craft high quality parts for our customers.

Our Customers

Airframes Alaska proudly supports the bush flying community in Alaska and throughout the world. Our mission is to provide strong and safe products to bush pilots or aspiring bush pilots who push the edge of their aircraft while providing vital access to remote villages and outposts and supporting hunters, researchers, archaeologists, prospectors, paleontologists, and fellow backcountry adventurers. Simply put, we make the best parts for the best pilots.

Our Mission: Airframes Alaska aspires to build the best engineered, best fabricated, and best supported products in the bush flying community. Our goal is nothing short of every pilot and passenger returned home safe.

We're always doing something new! Check out the latest HERE. want to see inside? go HERE.

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