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10oz Natural Wall Tent
10oz Natural Wall Tent

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ID: 6648259
Division: ATT
Department: Tents

PART: T11155


Sod Cloth*:

Mosquito Net*:

Rain Fly*:

Ground Cloth*:

The Alaska Tent & Tarp wall tent is your home away from home. Our wall tents are made in Alaska with the rigors of the Arctic environment in mind. Season after season, our wall tents have proven to be a sturdy and durable tent. The natural canvas tent provides breathability and is odorless. A rain fly is recommended since the natural canvas wall tent is not treated for fire, water or mildew resistance. Since the tent is not fire resistant, we do not offer the option of placing a stove jack in our natural wall tents. Every tent is hand crafted, allowing us to customize your tent with just the options you want, just the way you want them.

Alaska Tent & Tarp wall tents are roomy, versatile, inexpensive, tough and traditional.
The natural canvas wall tents are 10oz single fill untreated canvas.
Natural canvas wall tents are extremely breathable.
Ridgepole openings are standard at both ends of the wall tent.
Rope reinforced eaves are included for longevity and ruggedness.
Reinforced heavy duty canvas corners are customary for durability.
Large brass grommets are installed around the bottom and eave of the wall tent.
Overlapping door flaps with ties will keep the great outdoors outside of your tent.
Zippered door with a heavy duty #10 tooth zipper under the door flap of your wall tent.
Window in the back wall - 56" triangle window with two #10 zippers and an insect screen.
A wall tent fly is recommended for use in wet areas.
All wall tents can be customized to better suit your needs.
*Dimensions listed are cut size and differ from the finished size of the tent. Weights listed are approximate.
**Frame not included. Measure your specific tent before building any type of frame.

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