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29" Alaskan Bushwheel
29" Alaskan Bushwheels

PRICE: $1,678.00
ID: 4331908
Division: ABI LLC
Department: Tire

Availability: Hurry! 29" are our most popular tire. Usually ships within 10 business days.
PART: 29136.R

Tread Option:
29 Heavy Tread [Add $200.00]
Standard Tread

A step up in terms of size, 29" Alaskan Bushwheels have a slighter profile and create less drag than larger Bushwheels. This places these bush tires in size/weight sweet spot for heavier aircraft like Cessna and Maule while still providing the footprint and energy absorption critical in bush landings. These tires fit standard 6" wheels.

Common Aircraft: Cessna 180/185
Dimensions: 29" x 13" x 6"
Weight: 31 pounds

We also build 29" Alaskan Bushwheel Heavy Treads. Heavy tread 29" Bushwheels are constructed with a thicker tread layer. Because it typically takes longer to wear through the thicker tread in average conditions, heavy treads are a common choice for pilots operating their aircraft on pavement between backcountry flights.

Standard tread: 3/16"
Heavy tread: 1/4" + 3 lbs per tire additional weight

Alaskan Bushwheels are FAA TSO C62d approved.
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