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10" x 10" Alaskan Bushwheel (ABI) Wheel Assembly
10" x 10" Alaskan Bushwheel Wheel Assembly
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PRICE: $1,210.00
ID: 4332327
Division: ABI LLC
Department: Wheels & Brakes
Category: OPTIONS

PART: ABI-1010

Axle Size*:
1 1/2" Axle
1 1/4" Axle

10" x 10" wheel is 16 pounds and made out of aluminum. Each wheel is sold individually.

This wheel is most often purchased with or for 4-ply 29" Airhawk tires or 6-ply 8.50x10s. This is a modern, significantly advanced version of the older glued adapter assembly available from "Alaska Tundra Tire," formerly know as "Gar Aero." Ask yourself whether you would feel comfortable gluing something critical onto your car tire. If the answer is no, then the 10x10 is your wheel.

For just a little more than the cost of the old-fashioned adapters, you get fully-tested aluminum wheel with all the wheel bearings, dust seals, and brake disks included. The machined surfaces of the wheels also fit better on Airhawk tires. And since you get everything new, you can sell or reuse your existing Cleveland wheels.

STC requires Piper and Husky aircraft with 1.25" axles to use ABI-WBCK-P/H.

FAA TSO and STC Approved

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