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Cessna Seat Rail Cargo Anchor Tie Down
Seat Rail Cargo Anchor

Cessna Aircraft Cargo Ring For T-Shaped Seatrail, FAA-PMA Approved (Purple)

Max Static Load Capacity Rating: 250 lbs

IMPORTANT: If this part is intended for use on an aircraft, it is the responsibility of the owner or operator of the aircraft to ensure that a basis for FAA approval is obtained prior to installation.

All load ratings, breaking strengths and working load capacities are based on the manufacturer’s published data. Cargo Systems, Inc. assumes no liability for misstated load values based on the manufacturer’s published data.

It is important that all parts are used in the manner in which they are specified. Parts should be inspected prior to each use. It is important to determine if any possible damage or deterioration has occurred. Such damage or deterioration may include, but is not limited to, rust, broken springs, damaged ‘gates’ or keepers’ on snap hooks, or cracking of the metal. If such discrepancies are determined, these items should be removed from service immediately.

PRICE: $142.00
ID: 6382070
Division: RAM
Department: Retail


Aero Technologies Cargo anchor tie downs for Cessna seat rails (Purple).
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