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1.5 Aeronca Style Citabria Gear leg with 8 hole Axle Flange - Right
1.5 Aeronca Style Citabria Gear leg with 6 Hole Axle
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PRICE: $1,800.00

Customized Package Price: $1,800.00
ID: 6844452
Division: AA
Department: LGear

PART: 51041

Fuel Step*:

Powder Coating*:

Shock Length*:


These Citabria gear legs are made out of 4130 Chromoly and closely resemble our PA-18 gear legs.
Original Citabria 8 hole axle flange.
• Widens your front gear stance 6” and increases your side to side stability.
• Total system is 3 lbs. lighter.
• No oil is required for the suspension unlike the original oleo system. Easier to maintain.
• More travel in the suspension than the stock system.
• Reduces the G forces exhibited on the fuselage by 50%.

31.5 lbs. for 2 gear legs and 2 suspensions

Important Information
Shock length is determined as follows:
If aircraft has 4.875” wide cabane vee plate use long shock option.
If airplane has 8.35” wide cabane vee plate use short shock option.
Powder coating option is for gear only. Shock always comes in black.
Each side uses 2 bungees.

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