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29" Airstreak 2.0
29" Airstreak Alaskan Bushwheel
PRICE: $1,494.00

Customized Package Price: $1,494.00
ID: 4331910
Division: ABI LLC
Department: Tire

PART: 29136.R1

Tire Covers*:


Valve Plugs:


We've redesigned the Airstreak, our Alaskan Bushwheel brand backcountry tire for light sport aircraft with a gross weight up to 1700 lbs.

Airstreak 2.0 features 20% thicker tread, yet weighs 1 lb less per tire.

Take them off airport, run them at low PSI, all the performance features from the original Airstreak stay the same -- including the price.

imilar in design and performance to Alaskan Bushwheels, the Airstreak line of off-airport aircraft tires feature lightweight components and a modified structure ideal for the light sport community. With Airstreaks, bush flying's not just for Super Cubs.

Common Aircraft: Champs, Carbon Cubs, J-3s, Taylorcrafts, light-sport experimentals
Dimensions: 29" x 13" x 6"
Weight: 27 lbs

29" Airstreak tires fit standard 6" wheels and are FAA TSO approved with STCs available for aircraft under 1700 lbs gross load.

longer life. lighter tire.