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Bushwheels Accessories & Maintenance

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Digital Low Pressure Tire Gauge w/ light Digital Low Pressure Tire Gauge w/ light

A must for running your Alaskan Bushwheels at the right PSI for the tire and the terrain.

PRICE: $13.50
Low Pressure Tire Gauge Low Pressure Tire Gauge

Reads from 1 to 20 PSI.

PRICE: $10.50
Tire Sticker Kits Bushwheel Tire Sticker Kits

Show off  your tires with these attention grabbing lettering kits that fit Alaskan Bushwheels.

PRICE: $40.00
Alaskan Bushwheels Tire Covers Tire Covers

Protect your Bushwheels investment with Alaskan-made big tire covers.

PRICE: $155.00
Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant Subzero Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant - Subzero

Seal your Bushwheels from the inside out even when the temps drop Arctic low.

PRICE: $26.25
Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant Endurance Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant

Seal your Bushwheels from the inside out.

PRICE: $26.25
Backcountry Liquid Bag Valve Spout Arctic Liquid Bag Spout

Backcountry ready spout and valve for use with the Airframes liquid containment bag.

PRICE: $45.90
Standard Taildragger Bogi Bar Standard Bogi Bar

Taildragger Bogi Bar sized for 3200 and 3400 tailwheels.

PRICE: $225.00
Alaskan Bushwheels Small Patch Kit Small Patch Kit

Nine-piece Alaskan Bushwheels temporary patch repair kit.

PRICE: $11.50
Alaskan Bushwheels Plug Kit Plug Kit

Tire repair kit in a handy plastic carrying case.

PRICE: $38.95
Baby Bushwheel Bogi Bar Alaskan Baby Bushwheel Bogi Bar

The handy Bogi Bar right-sized for Baby Bushwheel tailwheel.

PRICE: $225.00
303 Aerospace Protectant Aerospace Protectant 303 Aerospace Protectant

Highly recommended UV blocker for protecting your Alaskan Bushwheels from UV damage.

PRICE: $12.60

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