Alaskan Bushwheels ARE bUILT for landing off-field in the most rugged backcountry conditions.

Alaskan Bushwheels

Alaskan Bushwheel

The essential bush flying tire.

Airstreak 2.0

Lighter weight for 1700 lb GW bush planes.


Experimental Bushwheels for 1320 GW LSAs.

how + why bushwheels work

energy absorPtion

Landing short often necessitates landing hard. Uncommonly pliable, Alaskan Bushwheels absorb the energy of those rough landings, taking the brunt of the impact off of your back, wheels, gear, and airframe.

prop clearance

Pretty simple, tall tires keep your nose high. This limits the chance of a prop strike during tricky ground maneuvers around scrubby thickets, over river rocks, and through tall grass.

tube Free

Unlike your standard aircraft tire, Bushwheels are tubeless. This distinctive design eliminates the problem of tire slippage and stem shearing and makes it possible to run these tires at very low PSI.

Not Sure what you're looking for?

The choice of Bushwheels depends on the pilot, their plane, and the way they want to fly. Here's what we generally recommend:

Flying a light sport aircraft? A solid choice would be 26" or 29" Airstreaks, or consider the experimental Ultralight Bushwheels.

First time upgrading from standard tube-type tires? You might want to go for 26" Bushwheels.

Flying a Cessna, Maule, or heavier bush plane? Most tend to chose 29" or 31" Bushwheels.

Want the ultimate go-to bush tire? Choose 31" Bushwheels.

Want the most unapologetically large bush flying tire available? That's the 35" Bushwheel.

Flying a Beaver of Pilatus? Go for the robust 35" Beaver Bushwheel.

Frequently landing and taxiing on pavement? That's not what Bushwheels are made for, but you can get similar functionality out of Airhawks.

the background

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. In the case of the Bushwheel, it was necessity coupled with that insatiable draw to those far places unreachable but by air. That's what the original inventors of the Alaskan Bushwheel gave the bush flying community:
A tested and approved bush tire that gets pilots out into the wilds and back again safely.

Today Airframes Alaska tire builders handcraft every single Bushwheel at our new manufacturing facility just 60 miles north of Anchorage in Palmer, Alaska.

Bushwheel Maintenance

You can find all recommendations for continued Bushwheels maintenance in your ICA, or click here for our quick tips.

Buying Used Bushwheels

Have you found a set of used Bushwheels for what appears to be a deal too good to be true. Read through this to make sure you don't get burned!

Proudly handcrafted in Alaska. Proven by bush pilots all over the world.

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