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These STC'd PA-18 Aluminum Lift Struts are made with light weight 6061 aluminum and anodized machined end fittings.


Each Front is 8.7 lbs
Each Rear is 10.6 Lbs
Total Weight for strut set is 38.6lbs

STC'd Direct Replacement Struts:

These struts are direct replacements for stock PA-18 steel (sealed and unsealed) lift struts. Installation uses your current jury struts and connector tube but different clamps (supplied with kit).

Exempt from AD 99-01-05:

No periodic inspection for corrosion is required as there is no way for moisture to be trapped and material has excellent corrosion resistance.

No Painting Required:

Aluminum struts do not require painting. If you don't want to use your current jury strut setups, we also offer, at a discount to normal pricing, a new set of powder-coated steel jury struts and accessories, painted to match the color of the natural aluminum struts.


These struts are certified to be as strong or stronger than the original Piper lift struts. The rear strut, however, is not as strong as our heavy-duty rear sealed strut.

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PA-18 Lift Strut Bolt Kit PA-18 Lift Strut Bolt Kit

Complete bolt kit containing all hardware required for installing new PA-18 lift struts.

PRICE: $112.00
PA-18 Strut Fork PA-18 Strut Fork 5/8"

Heavy Duty 5/8" strut fork for a PA-18 Super Cub. Includes a stainless steel jam nut.

PRICE: $117.00
PA18 Aluminum Rear Strut PA-18 Replacement Aluminum Rear Strut

One STC'd Rear Aluminum Strut for a PA-18, previous purchase of STC required.

PRICE: $775.00
PA18 Aluminum Front Strut PA-18 Replacement Aluminum Front Strut

One STC'd Front Aluminum Strut for a PA-18, previous purchase of STC required.

PRICE: $775.00
PA-18 Aluminum Lift Strut Set PA-18 Aluminum Strut Set

Certified PA-18 Aluminum Strut Set

PRICE: $3,855.00