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ARCTIC OVEN Nunatak Orange
Arctic Oven Nunatak (Orange)

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PRICE: $1,949.00
ID: 6648033
Division: ATT
Department: Tents

PART: T00775


Our updated single-pole design with enhanced capabilities through extensive field testing includes the addition of our Ruck, a custom field transport solution, which now allows you to mix and match parts to adapt to the trip or season. The Nunatak's ability to pack lighter and go farther paired with a superior tent design allows you to experience the backcountry during any season in any weather. Enhancements The addition of the Ruck opens further backcountry possibilities, while still maintaining the same integrity and durability of a four-season Arctic Oven tent. The Ruck allows for a minimalist setup or maximum setup depending on the expedition. Designed to go the distance, the Nunatak is built for the backcountry. Recommendations for packing your Ruck's. Ruck 1: Vapex Body Ruck 2: Tent Fly, Single Pole, Halo Frame, Spider, Stakes. Color: Coyote

Ruck Load Weights

- Vapex body packed in Ruck = 10 ½ pounds
- Fly, stakes, pole, halo and spider packed in Ruck = 16 ½ pounds
(Weight savings increased when you use lightweight stake options.)

Other features include:

5 Fastex® Side Release Buckle 3/4" for enhanced load capabilities and attachment options.
4 additional attach point loops.
Durable handle.
Multiple Rucks are capable of attaching to each other to combine Ruck loads.

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