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Arctic Oven tents are the original hot tent built out of necessity in the extreme climate of Alaska. Arctic Oven tents provide true 4 season capability and are great for winter camping as all our hot tents are stove integration capable.

True 4 Season Capability
Comfort in 60 °F to -60 ° 365 days a year.
Handcrafted In Alaska
Our Hot Tents are designed, built and tested for the backcountry of Alaska.
Stove Integration
The Arctic Oven is the Granddaddy of hot tents and has capability to integrate woodburning or propane stoves.
Multiple Designs
Arctic Oven tents come in multiple designs to provide the shelter you need in the backcountry.

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Arctic Oven Quest Orange ARCTIC OVEN QUEST

The Arctic Oven Quest redefines the Arctic Oven tent line by providing a lightweight and compact tent design that is easy to haul into the backcountry.

PRICE: $1,199.00
Arctic Oven Pipeline (Yellow) ARCTIC OVEN PIPELINE

The Arctic Oven Pipeline was designed with rafters, pilots and dog mushers in mind. Or really, for anyone looking to keep the weight low while enjoying the same great materials that made the Arctic Oven famous.

PRICE: $1,395.00
Arctic Oven Nunatak Arctic Oven Nunatak

Single pole tent designed to pack lighter and go farther

PRICE: $1,949.00
Arctic Oven 8 Extreme (Yellow) ARCTIC OVEN 8 EXTREME

Small but ruggedly strong, the Arctic Oven 8 Extreme has a strength to weight ratio that is unmatched.

PRICE: $1,999.00
Arctic Oven 8 Vestibule (Yellow) ARCTIC OVEN 8 WITH VESTIBULE

The Arctic Oven 8 with Vestibule packs a big punch for a compact size, while still providing adequate vestibule room.

PRICE: $2,099.00
Arctic Oven Igloo (Yellow) ARCTIC OVEN IGLOO

The Arctic Oven Igloo is the first Arctic Oven tent model to boast a geodesic dome shape, providing ample space (79 sq. ft.) with a lot less weight (37 lbs). Now built with stronger Arctic Grade bungees.

PRICE: $2,149.00
Arctic Oven 10 Extreme Yellow ARCTIC OVEN 10 EXTREME

This original Arctic Oven tent is the perfect size for all your camping needs.

PRICE: $2,149.00

The Arktika is our only six-sided winter camping tent. Built to stand up to extremely high winds, this tent is a backcountry basecamp.

PRICE: $2,195.00
Arctic Oven 10 With Vestibule ARCTIC OVEN 10 WITH VESTIBULE

A classic Arctic Oven, the Arctic Oven 10 offers even more space with a vestibule option. More room for gear, crew, and adventure.

PRICE: $2,429.00
Arctic Oven Great Nunatak Arctic Oven Great Nunatak

Enhanced double pole design that will accommodate any group during any outing.

PRICE: $2,749.00
Arctic Oven 12 Extreme Coyote ARCTIC OVEN 12 EXTREME

The Arctic Oven 12 Extreme boasts large size and easy to set up capabilities as well as moisture wicking technology that keeps you warm and dry no matter what the conditions.

PRICE: $2,799.00

The Arktika with vestibule is a spacious, warm tent, built for backcountry basecamps.

PRICE: $2,999.00
Arctic Oven 12 With Vestibule Yellow ARCTIC OVEN 12 WITH VESTIBULE

A versatile tent built to have even more space for longer trips in the backcountry, the Arctic Oven 12 with vestibule is ready for extreme trips and will provide shelter in extreme weather.

PRICE: $3,099.00
Arctic Oven 12x18 Vestibule Coyote ARCTIC OVEN 12X18 WITH VESTIBULE

The 12x18 shelter solution can be considered a modern take on an outfitter camp that can shelter larger groups, provide extended time in the field, and increase customization options for your camp.

PRICE: $4,299.00
Arctic Oven 12x24 Vestibule Yellow ARCTIC OVEN 12X24 WITH VESTIBULES YELLOW

An Arctic Oven tent so large, you might as well call it a lodge. That’s what we have nicknamed the Arctic Oven 12x24 with dual Vestibules.

PRICE: $6,349.00
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