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As of 15 Oct, Airframes Alaska proudly announces the acquisition of Alaska Tent and Tarp

Alaska Tent and Tarp, Inc., creator of the famed Arctic Oven Tent, a series of fabric structures and various heavy-duty, arctic-grade products. Alaska Tent & Tarp has been a local, family-owned textile outfitter for over sixty years with retail/manufacturing locations in both Fairbanks and Anchorage. Their custom designed, handmade products excel in arctic conditions. They serve both commercial and recreational markets, which have soared in recent years amidst the growing popularity of the Alaskan lifestyle.

Airframes Alaska’s origin story includes the combination of several small, homegrown Alaskan companies. Until now, those companies centered around the iconic bush plane, the Piper Super Cub. We’ve been seeking ways to bring new and innovative products to the aviation industry in Alaska and beyond for several years, and we have several products under development behind the scenes that will make this merger a perfect fit with our long-term vision. Our goal is to more completely outfit the needs of our customers that work, live and recreate in the backcountry, and further support their Life Beyond Runways.”

Airframes will maintain both a Fairbanks and Anchorage facility to manufacture the existing specialized textile product lines. The Arctic Oven and Vapex product lines will continue under their currently marketed names. Airframes Alaska plans to add more aviation related and weight conscious product offerings.

For more information on the current product offering visit Alaska Tent and Tarp!

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