Northern Sled Works Customization

Northern Sled Works specializes in providing the right sled for any job, and offers a wide range of customization options to fit any sled to your purposes. Listed are our most common options; for quotes on specialized custom jobs, contact us.

Parts shown are offered as upgrades; not available separately. Some upgrades, including stern plates, runners, and top rails, are custom-fit to the sled during the manufacturing process and may not be able to be installed later; inquire for details.


Standard Pintle Hitch

Spring-Loaded Pintle Hitch, 900 Lb. Rating

Heavy Duty Spring-Loaded Pintle Hitch, 1300 Lb. Rating

Standard Flapper Hitch

Spring-Loaded Flapper Hitch, 900 Lb. Rating

Rear Mounted Pintle Hitch

Rear Mounted Flapper Hitch


Additional 30" Galvanized Steel Skeg

Call for pricing.

1″x1.5″ UHMW Half Length Runners
Mounted, unmounted.
*Skegs must be purchased separately.

1″x1.5″ UHMW Full Length Runners
Mounted, unmounted.


Tongues: standard and extended. Please note: hitches are NOT included on tongues and should be purchased separately.


Top Rails
Call for pricing

Rear Stern Plate
Call for pricing

Only available for NSYB Freight Sleds; rear hitch not included

Call for pricing: 907-331-4480

Complete Cover With Hoodie
Call for pricing: 907-331-4480.