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Embark on your remote adventure with confidence. Hearty, Alaskan made gear that will stand up to the elements anywhere in the world.

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Airframes Alaska has always been the leader in building the world’s best bush plane parts that enable adventurers to effectively pursue their backcountry lifestyle. With many core Alaskan backcountry pilots already using the Arctic Oven for work and recreation, the integration of this staple backcountry tool into our line of products continues our pursuit of accessing true wilderness.

With innovation through aviation engineering and advanced field testing in some of the harshest environments in the world; we aim to provide backcountry enthusiasts the most advanced hot tent shelter solutions on the planet. Our hot tents are the best performing winter camping tent and are known for their ability to integrate a wood stove or propane stove.

Advanced Tent Technology


Arctic Oven tents use a proprietary material called Vapex™ for the body of the tent. The Vapex™ body will expedite the drying process for you and your gear after a long day in the outdoors. It has a high water transfer rate, allowing water vapors to exit the tent while remaining extremely breathable. This material is going to keep you dry because it wicks moisture out of the tent but doesn't allow any water to penetrate back into the tent.

Rigorous Testing. Elite Craftsmanship.

Arctic Oven tents have been a staple of backcountry adventures since 1987. Through field testing, aviation engineering, and Alaskan ingenuity we continue to expand our capabilities in backcountry shelter solutions. Alaska has some of the harshest environments, and weather conditions in the world, so we’ve been able to test our hot tents against real life scenarios that outdoor enthusiasts are constantly up against. The combination of this field testing and high quality materials makes the Arctic Oven tent stand out as the best year round shelter solution.