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Alaskan Bushwheels Tri-Gear Off Airport Kit
Bushwheels Tri Gear Off Airport Kit
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PRICE: $5,985.00

Customized Package Price: $5,985.00
Division: ABI LLC
Department: Kit
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Bushwheels Tri Gear - Brakes*:

Bushwheels Tri Gear - STC*:

Bushwheels Tri Gear - Rubber*:

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Backcountry flying's not just for taildraggers, but it can take some doing to get your Cessna tri-gear outfitted for off runway operations. We've done the hard work for you.

This Bushwheels Tri Gear Off Airport kit brings together parts from five different companies, saving you both time and money. The basic kit comes with the Airglas Cessna nosefork (with STC), Cleveland 40-76A nosewheel, and two ABI 10x10s (1.5" axle).

Build on the basic Bushwheels Tri Gear Off Airport Kit by adding your picks from these options:

If you're not currently running double puck brakes, add our ABI 30-52N brake assemblies.

ABI 30-52N calipers require a separate STC for use on these aircraft: Cessna 172, 175, and 182. If you require this STC, add it using the drop menu.

Choose your preferred tire setup from these three options:
- 850x10 mains with 850x6 nose. The most affordable setup featuring two 6 ply Air Trac tires for the mains.
- Non-buffed 29x11x10 Airhawk mains with 850x6 nose. A step up in off-airport functionality, the non-buffed 4 ply Airhawks in this set offer increased longevity for those unavoidable taxis on pavement after trips into the backcountry.
- Buffed 29x11x10 Airhawk mains with 850x6 nose. The lighter of the two Airhawk options, this crossover setup weighs 14 lbs less than the non-buffed.

Note: All tire prices include tubes.

The tri-gear kit is ideal for Cessna 172, 175, 182, and 206 aircraft.

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