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Compact Nunatak Halo
Compact Nunatak Halo
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Sale Information

Nunatak Original Model Tents and select accessories are now 50% OFF until we run out. We are making room for new inventory for an updated Nunatak design. The new Nunatak design will have different specifications that will not match our current tent specifications so we will be discontinuing the original tent model and tent accessories.

Major changes to the new design will be a lighter fly and updated fly pattern that sits flush with the ground. Other modifications will be an updated halo, new reinforcements, and tie out changes.

The new model will be released in the coming weeks.

The new halo design provides a much more compact pole with increased structural support with sleeved tubing at the connection points. With the halo shrinking in size when packed it allows for poles to be packed into a smaller Ruck, ultimately increasing field transport effecencies.

Original Halo “as packed” Footprint – 32” L x 8” W
Updated Halo “as packed” Footprint – 23” L x 8” W