Alaskan brands that are the staple of backcountry adventuring are coming together to strive towards a common goal: to enable adventurers to push the limits of exploration.

Airframes Alaska

Airframes Alaska is an aviation and outdoor equipment company located in Alaska. Our products, from the legendary Alaskan Bushwheel to the widely-acclaimed Arctic Oven tent, are used in the most extreme conditions our planet has to offer. From our manufacturing facilities in Palmer and Fairbanks and our retail location at Merrill Field Airport in Anchorage, our 80+ employees proudly support thousands of worldwide customers to access true wilderness.

Airframes Alaska 4 Place PA-18 Fuselage 4 Place PA-18 Fuselage

The first and only 4 Place PA-18 fuselage on the market.

PRICE: $25,100.00
CubCrafters T3 Tailwheel Suspension CubCrafters T3 Tailwheel Suspension

For experimental CubCrafters aircraft with a gross weight of 2000 lbs.

PRICE: $815.00
Collapsible Liquid Containment Bag for Bush Flying Liquid Containment Bag

Easily haul and stow water and more with this collapsible two-handled liquid containment bag.

PRICE: $99.95
Off Airport Trucker Hat Black Off Airport Trucker Hat Bushwheel Black

The Off-Airport Trucker Hat in Bushwheel Black has arrived for the flying season.

PRICE: $26.00
Electric Bear Fence Electric Bear Fence

Protect your campsite, gear, and plane from destruction with the most trusted electric bear fence on the market.

PRICE: $269.99
PA-18 T3 Tailwheel Suspension PA-18 T3 Tailwheel Suspension

For experimental PA-18s with a gross weight of 2000 lbs.

PRICE: $815.00

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