Alaskan brands that are the staple of backcountry adventuring are coming together to strive towards a common goal: to enable adventurers to push the limits of exploration.

Airframes Alaska

Airframes Alaska is an aviation and outdoor equipment company located in Alaska. Our products, from the legendary Alaskan Bushwheel to the widely-acclaimed Arctic Oven tent, are used in the most extreme conditions our planet has to offer. From our manufacturing facilities in Palmer and Fairbanks and our retail location at Merrill Field Airport in Anchorage, our 80+ employees proudly support thousands of worldwide customers to access true wilderness.

Semi Flexible USB Digital Articulating Borescope from Oasis Scientific Semi Flexible USB Digital Articulating Borescope

Flex and hold articulating borescope.

PRICE: $399.00
Backcountry Bushwheels Tee Bushwheels Built for the Backcountry Short Sleeve Gray

Bushwheels are used to their fullest potential landing on boulders, tundra, tussock, and high alpine. Get the shirt that honors the backcountry capabilities of the Alaskan Bushwheel.

Designed and printed in Alaska.

PRICE: $25.00
Maule Aluminum Lift Struts Maule Aluminum Lift Strut Set

Now Available. Certified Maule Aluminum Lift Struts.

PRICE: $3,950.00
Cleveland 199-62 Wheel and Brake Kit Cleveland 199-62 Wheel and Brake Kit

Part No: 199-62
Cleveland 3-bolt magnesium model for 1 1/2" axle.

PRICE: $2,495.00
31" Alaskan Bushwheels 31" Alaskan Bushwheel

The most popular Alaskan Bushwheel in the 49th state and lower 48.

PRICE: $1,831.00
Arctic Oven Nunatak Arctic Oven Nunatak

Single pole tent designed to pack lighter and go farther

PRICE: $1,949.00

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