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The Double-Truss style Portable Fabric Structures provides strength and functional performance in all seasons. The double-truss frame for this portable building is constructed from 1” square galvanized steel tubing and provides additional strength and durability to allow for wider buildings than the Quonset-style portable fabric building. These fabric buildings can be relocated and erected in a short period of time, making them great for warehouses, garages, crew tents or cook shacks used for commercial and personal applications.

  • Alaska Tent & Tarp custom makes Portable Fabric Structures to meet the needs of each customer. Please see our Options tab for the various custom options available for our Portable Fabric Structures.
  • Portable Fabric Structures range from 8 feet to 16 feet wide and can be built to any length. Heights vary based on the width of the building.
  • Fabric skin made from heavy-duty 18oz Shelterite FRLTC Vinyl-Coated Polyester.
  • The fabric structure is split into three pieces: two ends and the roof
  • The portable fabric structure frame is made using Gatorshield® triple-galvanized steel.
  • A 36” wide man-door is standard on all Portable Fabric Structures. An SR buckle is used to secure the material flap for easy entry and exit through the building.
  • A 54” triangular zippered window with mosquito net is located in the rear of the fabric structure.
  • A 12” snow flap is installed around the bottom of the entire fabric building cover.
  • Four auger anchors at around 40” are used for the ratchet tightening system.
  • The fabric structures can be set up on the ground or on a floor system, making them versatile based on your needs at the time.
  • All portable fabric structures come with carrying bags for the cover and the frame.


Standard 16' wide portable fabric structure.
16’ wide x11’ high x 20’ long with zippered man-door, zippered garage door and large window.
For longer buildings we can increase the length by 5' increments
Contact our staff for a quote on a custom building.

Zippered Door End:
The standard zippered door uses a pair of #10 tooth zippers to create a man-door. The door can be rolled up and secured with a pair of 1” side release buckles.
#15 Tooth Zipper Upgrade+$75.00
Velcro Sealing Flaps+$120.00
Zippered Door End with Screen:
The standard zippered door uses a pair of #10 tooth zippers to create a man-door. A bug screen is built into the door. The door can be rolled up and secured with a pair of 1” side release buckles.
#15 Tooth Zipper Upgrade+$150.00
Velcro Sealing Flaps+$120.00
Garage Door End:
This style of end features a wider zippered door and a man door. Exact placement will vary depending on the size of the building.
#15 Tooth Zipper Upgrade+$115.00
Velcro Sealing Flaps+$240.00
Combo Door End:
This end replaces the standard man-door with a framed door with glass windows. Only available on 12’ wide or larger buildings.
Screen Window End:
Windows can be added to the ends for increased visibility and improved ventilation inside the building. Windows are triangular with zippered cover flaps. The window comes in two sizes: 42" wide (large) and 20" wide (small).
Stove Jack:
A square patch of silica glass fabric with a round silicone ring to allow for a stovepipe or heat ducts. Includes a vinyl cover flap. Available in 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” round and 4.5”, 5”, and 6” oval.