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Contributing To Our Community

Thank you for your interest in Airframes Alaska and our line of aviation and rugged outdoor gear. We are thankful to have so many enthusiastic aviators and outdoorsman and woman that show interest and loyalty to our fleet of brands. We appreciate your consideration as a partner when developing mutually beneficial proposals and look forward to reviewing each one. We are passionate about engaging with our local communities and outdoor enthusiasts who are the inspiration behind our products in the first place. We look forward to reviewing proposals for creative projects, events, and sponsorship opportunities you bring to our attention.

Evaluating Proposals

We are proud to be a part of so many outdoor communities and each year we look for ways to contribute to important events, sponsorships, and other collaborative opportunities. Although we get many requests each week, we make a point to review every submission and consider our ability to contribute. However, due to the number of requests we get daily and the number of resources needed to meet every request, we are unable to fulfill every request we get. We also ask that your request is submitted 30 days before the deadline you are attempting to meet. Thank you for understanding, and we encourage you to try more than once if we can't meet your specific need at the time.

**Due to the complications that COVID-19 has created we have reduced the number of sponsorships, events, and collaborations we can commit to in 2021. We are also seeing longer than normal lead times on responding to proposals due to reviewing local, state, and federal health mandates that could impact our ability to be involved with your proposal.

How To Submit A Request

We are currently reviewing our sponsorship procedures and will have an updated submission form in early 2021. In the meantime, you can E-mail us a proposal with important information regarding your event, sponsorship, or special project. Some important details that will help us determine our ability to contribute include:
  • Tell us about your organization and explain how our organization fits into your sponsorship, event, or collaboration plans.
  • Explain exact deliverables and expectations you have from our organization. What would you like us to contribute.
  • Media presence and exposure. Please explain your plans regarding who your audience is, the attendance at the event (if applicable), social media presence, anticipated analytic tracking, and sharing.
  • Share with us your content strategy to promote your event, sponsorship, or project.
  • Please provide a thorough explanation of deliverables our brands can expect from a partnership. Deliverables could come in many forms including print collateral, digital assets, speaking engagements, social media, and more.
  • Airframes Alaska considers ourselves great stewards of the public land we recreate on. If your event, sponsorship, or content creation is occurring in an area that requires permitting, we need you to provide us proof of permitting, or a thorough plan of how you plan to obtain permitting before the date of the event, sponsorship, or content creation.

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