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Backcountry fly-ins

Over the years we've had the pleasure of sponsoring backcountry fly-ins throughout the country. It's the best way for us to be a part of flying events that we'd otherwise miss (it's notoriously difficult to get Alaskans out of Alaska in the summertime). But more than the company value we get from events, we care about contributing to the experience pilots and their families have at them. Fly-ins are the bedrock of our community, a place to practice skills, to build awareness for the protection of GA and small airstrips, and to talk shop with fellow aviators bitten by the backcountry bug.

aviation group/club events

Does your group host large events or fundraisers? If so we would like to hear from you as well. Let us know how our donation would help your group, and/or what the fundraising funds would be used for.


We have also worked with several groups on raffle planes and high profile builds or projects that provide a strong opportunity for engagement for our company, or a robust forum or social media audience.

what we're looking for

By far more important than what we might get out of traditional tier sponsorship is the quality and qualities of the event itself. These are the questions we ask when considering sponsoring any backcountry fly-in:

Is the event a great experience for pilots, their families, and non-flying aviation enthusiasts?

Does the event put safety of flight above all else, including tight landings and super short take offs?

Does the event welcome and support those new to the backcountry flying community?

Does the event support the future of backcountry aviation?

Are there opportunities for people to be part of the event even if they're not there in-person?

Can we add something of value to our target market's experience at the event?

Yes to all of the above?

E/mail us a request for sponsorship. Let us know who you are, what your event is, and what makes it awesome. Please include how you'd specifically like us to sponsor the event. Do you really need prizes to encourage pilots to come out and participate? Do you need cash to set up basic facilities? Do you need help promoting the fly-in to a wider audience? We don't have a lot of bandwidth to come up with creative sponsorship ideas on our end, so if you pitch something great there's a good chance we'll say yes, most definitely.

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