from Alaska to you. for free.

Airframes Alaska proudly offers free shipping on qualifying orders over $500. We'll ship free within Alaska, to the contiguous United States, and Hawaii. Shipping method will vary based on location and logistics.

Free Shipping + exclusions

Free shipping is not available for all orders. Orders that DO NOT qualify for free shipping include:

  • Orders totaling less than $500
  • Orders to Canada totaling less than $500 using the CANADA code
  • Orders to Canada totaling over $500 that do not include a tent purchase, even when using the CANADA code
  • All Other International orders
  • Over-sized fabricated items and orders requiring crating and/or shipment via freight (fuselages, landing gear, fuselage sections, Performance STOL flaps, windshields, sleds, etc.)
  • Orders requiring overnight, Saturday delivery, and/or any other special-request shipping method (shipping method is the sole discretion of Airframes Alaska)
  • Adding or changing parts, changing a shipping address, and combining/splitting with another order may exclude orders from free shipping eligibility
  • Orders to remote locations may ship free if no additional fees are incurred by Airframes Alaska. Transit times are not guaranteed and courier or cargo shipments are not qualifying.
  • Blemish items, including Alaskan Bushwheels. These items do not ship free. Shipping rates are subject to change per sale, and a flat fee may be applied to shipping, but is not guaranteed.
    Free shipping on tents to Canada.*
    *Terms, conditions, and exceptions apply.
    *Quantity limits apply. Subject to additional shipping charges.
    *Orders with a final destination outside standard shipping rates are subject to additional shipping charges.
    *Free shipping code can only be applied by a customer once.
    *Additional shipping fees may apply upon the discretion of the Airframes Alaska Shipping Department.

Free Shipping + Lead Times

If a part within a qualifying order is back ordered up to seven business days, Airframes Alaska will wait to ship the entire order until the delayed part arrives. Qualifying orders that include parts back ordered beyond seven business days will arrive in multiple shipments at no additional cost to the customer. Qualifying orders that include custom parts (e.g. powder coated items) will ship when the custom part is complete.

Free Shipping + returns

Returns are accepted up to 90 days after order delivery. All returns made within this time are subject to a 10% restocking fee (minimum $10). Parts must have original packaging. The customer pays shipping charges on returned items. If a returned item drops the original order value under the threshold for free shipping eligibility, the customer will be charged for the shipping costs on the original shipment(s).

Free Shipping + fine print

Shipping policy subject to change without notice. Shipping method is based on the shipping address and other factors and is ultimately up to the sole discretion of Airframes Alaska.

Spend $500+ and we'll cover your shipping.

We've designed and manufactured high products, we appreciate your purchase and would like to ship for free when applicable. Free shipping out of Alaska for qualifying orders is the least we can do when it is possible for us.

All Alaskan Bushwheels ship free.

All tailwheel assemblies ship free.