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Anyone who has slid across an iced-over lake after a winter ski landing knows how little control straight skis provide. The Grizzly Claw Ski Drag was invented in response to one of those particularly treacherous taxis, and the result is a differential braking system that pilots in the business say makes a night-and-day difference in winter ski flying safety. Find new ski drags and replacement carbide tips here.

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Airframes Alaska Grizzly Claw Ski Drag Grizzly Claw Ski Drag

Offering improved directional and braking control while taxing, taking off, and landing with straight skis on crusted snow and glare ice.

PRICE: $2,090.00
Grizzly Claw Ski Drag Part, Ski Drag Stud Ski Drag Carbide Tip

PN: AF48228-01

PRICE: $10.50

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