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HD Military Stake
HD Military Stake
PRICE: $3.78
ID: 6648128
Division: ATT
Department: Tent Parts

PART: T01002

If you plan on taking your Arctic Oven tent on some adventures, you need to be equipped with durable stakes to ensure a solid foundation for your campsite. All Arctic Oven tents come with Durapegs, which are good in many applications; however, sometimes you need a little more power behind your stakes
These multi-use heavy duty tent stakes are an excellent choice when you need a heavy-duty tie-out point, but want to keep the weight to a minimum. The lightly used stakes work on many different types of ground conditions: rocky or sandy river beds, tundra and turf, roots or boggy soil, and many more conditions you may face while camping with your Arctic Oven tent!
  • They are lightweight and corrosion resistant, making them a great all-around tent stake.
  • Lightly-used military-issue surplus stakes in olive drab army green color.
  • Each 3.8 oz. aluminum stake is 12" long and 1.25" wide. They are 1/8" thick.