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Liquid Containment Bag
Collapsible Liquid Containment Bag for Bush Flying

PRICE: $99.95
ID: 6852256
Division: RAM
Department: Pilot Supplies

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days

Add a Valve Spout:


Two-handle liquid containment bag holds 5.2 gallons and lays flat when empty. Ultra-tough flexible plastic and easily stow-able design make this popular collapsible container a must for bush plane excursions.

We highly recommend adding our backcountry-tested screw-on spout with valve for easier use.

Arctic Liquid Bag Spout 100% Alaskan Short Sleeve Gray Bushwheels Built for the Backcountry Short Sleeve Gray
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PRICE: $20.00
PRICE: $20.00
Backcountry Liquid Bag Valve Spout 100 Percent Alaskan Tee Backcountry Bushwheels Tee

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