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MT-Propeller Now Available

MT Natural Composite Propellers are now available at Airframes Alaska.
Contact our Pro Desk, or visit one of our retail locations to see the props in person.

More facts about the
Natural Composite MT-Propellers

  • Reduced Weight – MT Natural Composite Propellers are significantly lighter than aluminum propeller systems. This saves weight where it is most important, on the end of your engine crankshaft.
  • Reduced vibration – Aluminum supports harmonic vibration. Composite does not. Other parts of your plane (gyros, motor mounts, radios, heat muffs, cowlings) will have a longer life with reduced vibration.
  • Greater Strength – These are the same natural composite blades and hub that are used in our Unlimited Aerobatic Propeller Series. We also use stainless steel instead of aluminum for the leading edge guard.
  • Unlimited Blade Life – Metal props have absolute dimension limits. Every time you have a nick filed out and the prop dressed, you get closer to that limit. At some point it will exceed the use tolerances and must be scrapped. In addition, each time a metal prop is dressed, you will change the optimized performance dimensions established by the manufacturer. MT Propellers, when overhauled, are brought back to exact factory new dimensions.
  • Steel Hub Inserts – MT Propeller hubs use a steel bearing insert that is replaceable. Standard hubs wear against the machined aluminum and must be completely replaced when exceeding the tolerances.
  • Quieter – 3 blade conversions result in smaller diameter compared to 2-blade installations. Shorter blades run quieter than long blades due to the lower tip speeds. Another advantage of lower tip speeds is the maintenance of smooth airflow across the blades. This results in more lift/thrust.
  • Less Drag – A smaller prop arc disk has less drag than a larger diameter prop arc discs.
  • More Ground Clearance – A smaller diameter of the propeller installation will provide less chance of prop damage from objects picked up from the ground.
  • Adds Resale Value – Like air conditioning in a car, you get to enjoy the benefits while it is yours, then get back what you paid for it in the future.
  • Easy Installation– Simply bolt it on. Uses existing prop governor.
  • Full Warranty – 1 year or 1000 hours (which ever occurs first) for any manufacturing defects.
  • Choice of Colors – White, Black or Grey. Custom colors available with small up-charge.
  • Cool Look – Your plane will look faster and more modern with the sleek MT Prop hanging on the front.