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Maule Lift Strut - Front
Maule Lifetime Sealed Lift Front Struts
PRICE: $915.00
ID: 4333576
Division: AA LLC
Department: Struts

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Updated February 24th, 2023

Maule direct replacement lifetime sealed front strut with 5/8” stainless steel fork.

Avoid the expense and hassle of annual inspections and enjoy the peace of mind of flying our Sealed Struts. Airframes Alaska Lifetime Struts satisfy all current FAA Airworthiness Directives and do not require the recurrent inspections required by AD 98-15-18. Airframes Alaska Maule lift struts are a PMA direct replacement for the original non-sealed Maule struts (PN# 2079E & 2080E) and the sealed Maule struts (PN# 2201E & 2200E). No STC needed.

All Maule struts come powder coated "Insignia White."

Note: Struts cannot be powder coated once they leave our factory. Non-factory powder coating of a sealed strut destroys the preventative qualities of the oil inside and may distort the shape of the strut. Airframes Alaska is the only strut manufacturer with an FAA approved method for powder coating struts.