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Nomadak Sauna Vapex Insert
Nomadak Sauna Vapex Insert
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PRICE: $788.00

PART: T11325



Sauna INsert Only

The Nomadak Sauna Tent combines the ruggedness of a canvas wall tent and the luxury of a hot steam bath while providing incredible versatility making it easy to sauna in exotic locations.

The Nomadak Sauna tent features a Vapex insert that integrates inside of a 10x12 canvas wall tent making it easy to transition between the Nomadak Sauna Tent and a normal wall tent. The Vapex material of the Sauna insert provides superior heat retention and moisture-wicking technology prevents mildew inside the Nomadak Sauna Tent.

Sauna Wall Tent Insert

The Nomadak insert fits inside your canvas wall tent making it easy to convert your current wall tent to a Nomadak sauna tent while also giving you the versatility to easily switch between the Nomadak Sauna Tent and a traditional wall tent.

Cool Down / Changing Room

There is a cool down room in the tent so you can take a break from the heat and get dressed in comfort after your steam.

Sauna Stove / Rock Box

The Alaskan Stove with Rock Box attachment gives you a sauna stove you can take with you anywhere in the backcountry.

DIY Tent Platform

Looking for a simple and affordable platform option? Read this article to see how to make a DIY Alaskan platform.


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