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Endurance Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant
Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant
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PRICE: $27.60
ID: 6380726
Division: RAM
Department: Chemicals


From bike tires to Bushwheels, we say Orange Seal is moving up in the world. Inject this tubeless tire sealant into your tires and worry less about losing air from pricks and punctures. If needed, you can still use plugs and patches on a Bushwheel filled with Orange Seal.

  • Proprietary latex formula withstands altitude and temperature extremes
  • Multi-sized solid nanoparticles quickly and securely clot around air leaks
  • 16 oz bottle with helpful quantity measurements on the label
  • Sealant applicator included
How much do you put in? We generally recommend the volumes below, but it doesn't hurt to add a touch more:
  • 2 oz - Baby Bushwheel
  • 4 oz - 26's
  • 6 oz - 29's and 31's
  • 8 oz - 35's