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PA-12/14 Shock Strut
PA-12/14 Shock Struts

PRICE: $135.00


Powder Coating:

Shock Strut Length:

Custom PC Color (add if applicable):

These shock struts are manufactured in support of the Crosswinds STOL STC that covers putting a PA-18 style gear on PA-12/14 airframe. In order to choose the correct size, please follow the measuring instructions in the link below. Certified only with appropriate STC.

For special situations, Airframes Alaska also has available adjustable shock struts that can be shipped out to test your toe-in before we manufacture your shock struts. This ensures a better final fit when performing this STC'd conversion.

Struts come bare metal unless otherwise specified. We'll get in touch with you directly for the correct color if you choose Final Color from the menu above.

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