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Descriptions, pictures, and prices for the various modifications available on an Alaska Airframes PA-18 fuselage order are listed below. The list does not include all of the Alaskan mods we have completed for PA-18 customers in the past, but they are definitely the most common.

Because of the complexity involved in this type of project, customers typically do not use the website to order fuselages. We recommend that you download our build sheet, check pictures of the mods online here, and then review the options with one of our Cub fuselage specialists over the phone so that you can ensure that you get the exact modifications you need to make the exact plane you want.

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PA-18 Fuselage Mod Bush Pod Tabs Bush Pod Tabs

Make added baggage space in the future a possibility with this PA-18 fuselage mod that installs welded-on tabs for use with an Airglas or Firmin Alaska Bush Pod.

PRICE: $11.50
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Wipaire Gross Weight Increase Cross Tube Wipaire Gross Weight Increase Cross Tube

Basic PA-18 fuselage modification installing the support cross tube required under the Wipaire 2,000 lb Gross Weight Increase STC.

PRICE: $41.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Seat Belt Hooks Seat Belt Hooks

PA-18 fuselage modification includes two welded seat belt hooks for pilot and passenger.

PRICE: $46.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Headset Hooks Headset Hooks

Handy PA-18 fuselage modification that makes for easy and out of the way headset storage for both pilot and passenger.

PRICE: $46.35
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Cargo Loops Cargo Loops

Keep gear packed in the baggage compartment behind the second seat stored securely with this functional cargo loop fuselage modification for PA-18s.

PRICE: $66.95
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Mounting Angle Mounting Angle Bracket (below lower door)

Improvement on the traditional PA-18 mod that gives attachment points for internal sheet metal package without leaving a hole that collects water.

PRICE: $87.55
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Bulkhead Brake Line Fittings Brake Line Fittings

PA-18 fuselage modification that simplifies the external connection of brake lines with welded-on bulkhead fittings.

PRICE: $87.55
PA-18 Fuselage Modification Extended Forward Baggage Angle Extended Forward Baggage Angle

A simple modification with many structural and storage benefits, the additional baggage angle is especially helpful for blocking objects from falling into the belly of the plane.

PRICE: $87.55
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Floor Tie Downs Floor Tie Downs

Useful mod that removes the need to secure tie down to sheet metal by welding on attachment points behind the passenger seat directly onto the fuselage.

PRICE: $87.55
PA-18 Fuselage Mod High Heat Nuts High Heat Nuts

Popular PA-18 fuselage modification that simplifies the future installation and removal of the passenger seat belt.

PRICE: $88.00
Fuselage Mod Alaska Mod X Brace X Brace Arch (above lift handles)

Structural fuselage mod that adds an X-brace near the lift handles for enhanced arch strength.

PRICE: $108.15
PA-18 Fuselage Ultralight Extended Baggage Ultralight Extended Baggage Support

For those pilots counting every ounce, this modification welds in support posts for ultralight aluminum stringers underneath the extended baggage floor.

PRICE: $118.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Under Floor Metal Belly Under Floor Metal Belly Tabs

Mod ultimately allows access to floor controls for easier maintenance and repair.

PRICE: $118.45
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Extra Brake Booster Tabs Extra Brake Booster Tabs

Mod adds additional attach points on the fuselage so that all four brake booster bolts go straight onto the frame for a more secure mount even over time.

PRICE: $149.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Fuel Pod Tabs Fuel Pod Tabs

Mod adds four fuel pod tabs to support an Airglas fuel pod.

PRICE: $149.35
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Passenger Shoulder Harness Shoulder Harness Tab - Passenger

Commonly requested safety mod that enables installation of a structurally attached hard point for a passenger shoulder harness.

PRICE: $154.50
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Pilot Shoulder Harness Shoulder Harness Tab - Pilot

A preferred safety mod that features a hard point tab for securing the pilot harness directly to the fuselage structure.

PRICE: $154.50
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Floor Seat Belt Attach Points F. Atlee Dodge Floor Seat Belt Tabs

Common STCd PA-18 fuselage modification that secures the seat belt anchor points into the floor of the airframe rather than the seat base.

PRICE: $160.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Ski Pump Fittings Ski Pump Fittings

Mod designed for amphibious floats, hydraulic wheel skis, and ski pumps, these welded fittings create smooth transitions for hydraulic lines running from the aircraft interior to exterior.

PRICE: $180.25
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Lower Baggage Door Frame Lower Baggage Door Frame

Make it easier to get to your tail baggage space with the addition this lower baggage door frame fuselage mod.

PRICE: $237.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Upper Baggage Door Frame Upper Baggage Frame

Make loading and unloading easier with this upper baggage door frame fuselage mod.

PRICE: $237.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod ELT Mount ELT Antenna Mount

Ease the installation of an ELT antenna later with these fuselage mod mounting brackets.

PRICE: $242.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Metal Belly Tail Tabs Last 4 Feet Metal Belly Tabs

Must-have Piper Cub fuselage mod featuring welded metal belly mounts along the tail section for easier access to tail surface cables and pulleys.

PRICE: $286.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Large Baggage Door Frame Extra Large Extended Baggage Door Frame

Mod replaces a tube behind the main cabin door with a dog leg to allow for larger baggage access in the side of the fuselage.

PRICE: $293.55
PA-18 Full Sliding Window Kit Full Sliding Window Kit

Self-installed kit to replaces the triangular window setup typical in PA-18 fuselage with an extended full-slider window.

PRICE: $325.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Wolf Window Full Slider Full Sliding Window

Window modification that replaces the triangular window setup typical in PA-18 fuselage with an extended full-slider window.

PRICE: $334.75
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Metal Tube Stringers Metal Tube Stringers

Mod for increasing rigidity and stability in the fuselage with metal stringers that run along the top deck.

PRICE: $406.85
PA-18 L21 Windows Kit L-21 Windows Kit

Self-installed fuselage modification kit that replaces the standard PA-18 window with greenhouse L-21 windows.

PRICE: $534.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod L-21 Windows L-21 Windows

One of our favorite modifications for improving the bush flying experience, this option replaces the standard PA-18 window with greenhouse L-21 windows.

PRICE: $715.85
PA-18 Super Cub Float Fittings Float Fittings

Modification adds two PA-18 weld-on float fittings.

PRICE: $725.00
PA-18 Fuselage Mod Full Metal Belly Tabs Full Metal Belly Tabs

Mod combines Under Floor Metal Belly Tab Kit and the Last 4 Feet of Metal Belly Tabs for a fully accessible underbelly.

PRICE: $771.00