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PA-18 Lifetime Sealed Struts

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PA-18 Lifetime Sealed Lift Struts, Rear Struts, and Front Struts PA-18 Lift Strut Set

Set includes two (2) heavy duty rear lift struts, two (2) front lift struts, two (2) rear jury strut clamps, and four (4) stainless steel 5/8" forks.

PRICE: $2,369.00
PA-18 Super Cub Rear Lift Strut PA-18 Heavy Duty Lift Strut - Rear

Heavy duty PA-18 lifetime sealed rear strut that provided the best defense against snow load and wind damage.

PRICE: $644.00
PA-18 Super Cub Front Lift Strut PA-18 Lift Strut - Front

PA-18 direct replacement front lifetime sealed strut with 5/8" stainless steel fork.

PRICE: $541.00
PA-18 Super Cub Gun Boot Kit PA-18 Super Cub Gun Boot Kit

No more rope or bungees thanks to this Airframes Alaska engineered mounting kit.

PRICE: $213.26
PA-18 Strut Fork PA-18 Strut Fork 5/8"

Heavy Duty 5/8" strut fork for a PA-18 Super Cub. Includes a stainless steel jam nut.

PRICE: $112.20
PA-18 Lift Strut Bolt Kit PA-18 Lift Strut Bolt Kit

Complete bolt kit containing all hardware required for installing new PA-18 lift struts.

PRICE: $100.00
PA-18 Rear Jury Strut PA-18 Rear Jury Strut

Rear jury strut replacement part for Piper PN 12571-003.

PRICE: $82.00
PA-18 Front Jury Strut PA-18 Front Jury Strut

Front jury strut replacement part for Piper PN12571-002.

PRICE: $82.00
PA-18 Jury Strut Spacer PA-18 Jury Strut Spacer

Jury strut spacer replacement part for Piper PN 12591-002.

PRICE: $52.00
PA-18 Front Strut Clamp PA-18 Front Strut Clamp

Fitted clamp designed specifically for PA-18 front struts.

PRICE: $46.00
Jury Strut Lug for Piper Jury Strut Lug

Jury strut lug FAA/PMA approved for PA-18, PA-20/22, PA-11, and Piper J-3 aircraft.

PRICE: $17.85
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