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Super Cub Fuselages


Our PA-18 fuselages feature top-tier modifications and enhancements, including the first and only 4-place PA-18 frame on the market. With our diverse set of stock options, building your dream Cub just got easier.

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Airframes Alaska 4 Place PA-18 Fuselage 4 Place PA-18 Fuselage

The first and only 4 Place PA-18 fuselage on the market.

PRICE: $32,000.00
Airframes Alaska PA-18 Fuselage Willow Mountain Ranch Wide Body Wide Body Willow Mountain PA-18 Fuselage

An additional 4 inches of width added to our Willow Mountain Ranch Lowered Floor modification makes this PA-18 fuselage the roomiest Super Cub airframe in production.

PRICE: $23,500.00
Airframes Alaska Standard PA-18 Wide Body Fuselage Wide Body PA-18 Fuselage

Four inches wider than the Standard PA-18 Fuselage with the same safety and strength features in the Airframes Alaska basic stock design.

PRICE: $21,995.00
Airframes Alaska Fuselages Ultimate Alaskan PA-18 Bush Fuselage Ultimate Alaskan PA-18 Bush Fuselage

The first and only stock PA-18 fuselage with the most-requested mods by Alaskan bush pilots.

PRICE: $21,058.00
Airframes Alaska PA-18 Standard Willow Mountain Ranch PA-18 Fuselage Standard Willow Mountain PA-18 Fuselage

Functional fuselage featuring all the benefits of the standard Airframes PA-18 fuselage combined with the Willow Mountain Lowered Floor modification.

PRICE: $20,995.00
Airframes Alaska Standard PA-18 Super Cub Fuselage Standard PA-18 Fuselage

An inexpensive choice for Piper Cub enthusiasts, the Airframes Alaska Standard PA-18 Fuselage combines the best features of the original airframe with our own strength and safety enhancements.

PRICE: $19,995.00
Airframes Alaska 3 Place PA-18 Fuselage 3 Place PA-18 Fuselage

3 Place PA-18 fuselage.


You Pick, We Build

Because a stock fuselage is just the starting point.

Whether you're seriously planning for an upcoming PA-18 rebuild or still in the early research stage, our custom Cub fuselage build sheet is the critical tool you need to create the exact airframe you want. Start with the stock Airframes Alaska Cub fuselage of your choice and then simply add options and modifications by clicking on the associated check boxes. A price estimate will automatically tally. New Build Sheet Coming Soon!

Viewing on an iPhone or iPad? For full interactivity, you'll need to first download the free Adobe PDF Reader from your App Store. Once you have Adobe PDF Reader installed, download the build sheet (it will open in a new window), touch "Open In...", and select the Reader icon.
Fuselage Build Form

Customize Your Cub Build

Use this interactive 3D fuselage model to learn more about the 20+ custom PA-18 fuselage modifications Airframes Alaska offers. Dots show mod locations and in many cases indicate the actual modification. Click those dots to open modification description pages on the website.

Why an Airframes Alaska fuselage?

It's simple: Weight, customization, and a free set of tires! Who else does that?? We fabricate the lightest FAA/PMA PA-18 fuselage on the market and offer more than 30 modifications that you can pick and choose from to design your ideal bush plane. We are also very proud of our investment in continual R&D on PA-18 frames and strive to find new ways to make our Cub fuselages even lighter, stronger, and more functional. And if that's not enough, a set of tires up to 31" Bushwheels always seals the deal. We now give a free set with every fuselage order.

(35" Bushwheels upgrade available for $400, no other substitutions may be made)

Call us today to find out why we have become the industry leader in Cub fuselages.

What's the process?

We build about 30 certified and experimental bush plane fuselages a year in our eight-person fab shop in Palmer, Alaska. Prior to filling any order, we schedule a conference call to review your project, design goals, and modification selections.

Just need part of a fuselage?

Airframes Alaska also sells, individually, the hundreds of parts and sub-assemblies that go into a bush plane fuselage, so even if we don't fabricate your entire airframe, we still support you in your own modification or repair project. We can also supply difficult-to-manufacture parts in support of your home-build venture. Call or email us for details.