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PA-18 Heavy Duty Lift Strut - Rear
PA-18 Super Cub Rear Lift Strut
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PRICE: $900.00

Customized Package Price: $900.00
ID: 4333578
Division: AA LLC
Department: Struts

PART: AF89498-02

Powder Coating:

Custom PC Color (add if applicable):


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Updated February 24th, 2023
These struts are best insurance one could have against snow load or wind damage. PA-18 Heavy Duty rear replacement lifetime sealed strut come with a 5/8" stainless steel fork and replacement jury strut clamp. Strut made from 4130 steel, roll-formed with .049 wall. New clamp is included to compensate for the slightly different teardrop profile on the heavy duty strut. We also sell replacement Jury Struts, Spacer Tubes, and clamps. Order at the same time, and we can powder coat them together.

Struts weigh 2.5 lbs per side more than smaller fork and unsealed original Piper struts.

Airframes Alaska Lifetime Struts satisfy all current FAA Airworthiness Directives and do not require the recurrent inspections dictated by AD 99-01-05.

Powder Coating
Struts come bare metal unless otherwise specified. If you select the "Standard/Custom Color" powder coat option, please choose either a Standard Color (Insignia White, Juneau White, or Matte Black) or type in your custom Color. We will call to confirm the custom color before we start your order.

Struts cannot be powder coated once they leave our factory. Non-factory powder coating of a sealed strut destroys the preventative qualities of the oil inside and may distort the shape of the strut. Airframes Alaska is the only strut manufacturer with an FAA approved method for powder coating struts.

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FAA-PMA Approved

A $275 Crating Fee will be added to the shipping cost.
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