introducing game changing performance!

Certified Flaps

STC'd for PA-18s, certified Performance STOL flaps are a 66" direct replacement for OEM Piper Cub flaps extended to the fuselage. The current lead time for new certified orders is four months. View installation instructions here.


Experimental flaps

$6600 2-Hanger | $7600 3-Hanger | $8650 4-Hanger
Experimental Performance STOL flaps are custom built for Backcountry Super Cubs, Javron Super Cubs, and other Cub-type experimentals.


Why Performance stol flaps?

reduced stall speed

Pilots see an average 4 to 5 MPH reduction in stall speed depending on the conditions. That means slower, shorter landings and takeoffs.

improved nose visibility

With PSTOL flaps deployed, lower airspeed does not equal a higher angle of attack. Pilots fly at a flatter deck angle without increasing their airspeed.

Increased safety margin

Safety is the bottom line. You fly slower, land and take off shorter, and (most importantly) see where you're going while you're doing it.

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