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Champion Oil Filters
Champion Oil Filters from Reeve Air Motive

Champion Aerospace, makers of some of the industry's best aviation service parts, take oil filters seriously. The list of improvements, advancements, and smart design aspects they've made ranges from the complex (8 feet of finely pleated cellulosic micronic filter media keeps grime and particles from infiltrating your engine) to the simple (their filters measure a 1/2" shorter than other brands to make installation easier).

Additional Information

Item# Item Name PRICE Quantity Add
CH48103-1 CH48103-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48108-1 CH48108-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48109-1 CH48109-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48110-1 CH48110-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48111-1 CH48111-1 Champion Oil Filter
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