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Non Buffed Airhawk Tire
29" Non-Buffed and Non-Shaved Airhawk Tires

PRICE: $545.00
ID: 4331809
Division: RAM
Department: Retail Tires

PART: 29-11-10NB

Add a Tube:

For pilots who value longevity and affordability above all else, these non-buffed 4-ply Airhawk tires are the ideal pick. Reinforced sidewalls and thick tread hold up to long taxis, tight taxi turns, and heavier aircraft.

Add either a long bendable valve tube or natural rubber tube using the drop menu above.

Note: 4-ply Buffed Airhawks fit and are most often purchased with the ABI-1010 Wheel

Dimensions: 29" x 11" x 10"
Weight: 34 pounds

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