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Tempest Spark Plugs
Tempest Spark Plugs from Reeve Air Motive

Made in the US, Tempest spark plugs have long been the go-to for pilots everywhere.

  • Copper core center electrode with nickel sleeve improves conductivity
  • Ceramic insulator focuses heat and reduces fouling
  • Oxide treated spring contact surface resists corrosion
  • Nickel finish increases durability

Part Numbers

  • Plug PNs ending in "E" denote massive electrode plugs
  • Plug PNs ending in "S" denote fine wire plugs

Additional Information

Item# Item Name PRICE Quantity Add
UREM37BY UREM37BY Tempest Spark Plug
UREM38E UREM38E Tempest Spark Plug
UREM40E UREM40E Tempest Spark Plug
URHB32E URHB32E Tempest Spark Plug
URHB32S URHB32S Tempest Spark Plug
URHB36S URHB36S Tempest Spark Plug
URHM38E URHM38E Tempest Spark Plug
URHM38S URHM38S Tempest Spark Plug
URHM40E URHM40E Tempest Spark Plug
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