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EarthX Jump Pack
EarthX Jump Pack from Reeve Air Motive

PRICE: $135.45
ID: 4346857
Division: RAM
Department: Retail


400 burst cranking amps, a 12V output, and reverse connection protection makes this handy EarthX jump pack a must have for any bush pilot. Kit weighs just under 1.5 lbs. Charge it to full and it'll hold it for a year. Use it as an LED flashlight in a pinch.

Better yet, it's built for the backcountry: Covers protect ports from dust and mud, rubber coating makes it easy to hold when you're hands are wet or cold or both, and a water-resistant case keeps it all wrapped up.

Kit includes:
  • Jump unit
  • Jumper cables
  • Wall charger
  • 3-prong phone accessory plug in
  • Case

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