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Acid Brushes from Reeve Air Motive Acid Brush 3/8"

Tin-handled horse hair acid brush.

PRICE: $0.21
Cleaning Brushes from Reeve Air Motive Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning brushes with three bristle material types.

FOD Tray Dividers from Reeve Air Motive FOD Tray Divider

Dividers for you FOD box.

PRICE: $2.63
Masking Tape from Reeve Air Motive Masking Tape

All around shop must have.

Filament Tape from Reeve Air Motive Filament Tape

High strength tape.

Fine Line Tape from Reeve Air Motive Fine Line Tape

Tape for detailed painting.

Duct Tape from Reeve Air Motive Duct Tape

Handy, trusty, endlessly useful.

FOD Parts Bins from Reeve Air Motive FOD Parts Bin

Secure storage for bolts and more.

PRICE: $24.10
Velcro Dual Lock from Reeve Air Motive Velcro Dual Lock

10-foot Velcro roll.

PRICE: $41.95

Reeve Air Motive’s spot on Merrill Field, Alaska’s busiest small aircraft airport, makes us neighbors to some of the state’s most experienced aircraft mechanics. They’ve spent many hours telling us tall tales over a free cup of coffee in our store. While we can’t offer you that coffee over the Internet, we do make available this selection of shop supplies that our local IAs and A&Ps rely on. Here you’ll find an array of tapes from duct tape and filament tape to masking tape, brushes for adhesives and paint, inspection covers, and more. And the next time you find yourself in Anchorage, Alaska, we’d be happy to get you that cup of coffee.

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