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Alaskan Bushwheels Small Patch Kit Small Patch Kit

Nine-piece Alaskan Bushwheels temporary patch repair kit.

PRICE: $11.50
Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant Endurance Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant

Seal your Bushwheels from the inside out.

PRICE: $26.25
Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant Subzero Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant - Subzero

Seal your Bushwheels from the inside out even when the temps drop Arctic low.

PRICE: $26.25
Alaskan Bushwheels Plug Kit Plug Kit

Tire repair kit in a handy plastic carrying case.

PRICE: $38.95
Aircraft Tires and Tubes from Reeve Air Motive Aircraft Tires and Tubes

Range of sizes and brands for your aircraft.

Baby Bushwheel Bogi Bar Alaskan Baby Bushwheel Bogi Bar

The handy Bogi Bar right-sized for Baby Bushwheel tailwheel.

PRICE: $225.00
29" Non-Buffed and Non-Shaved Airhawk Tires Non Buffed Airhawk Tire

Original thick-tread version of the 4-ply tire Airhawk aircraft tire.

PRICE: $545.00
29" Buffed Airhawk Tires from Reeve Air Motive Buffed Airhawk Tire

4-ply crossover tire buffed for reduced tread and weight.

PRICE: $625.00

While our sister company, Alaskan Bushwheels, has big-tire bush planes and ultralight backcountry fliers covered, Reeve Air Motive takes care of all your other general aviation tire needs. We keep in stock various sizes and types for both tri-gear aircraft and taildraggers as well as tubes and helpful tire cleaning, repair, and maintenance products that we’ve tested and vetted in Alaska’s often challenging conditions.

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