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Whether it's ways to make a custom part, troubleshoot tailwheel shimmy, bush flying tips, or how to pick the best Bushwheel for your type of flying, we're collecting our best advice and putting it here. It's a work in progress, so keep checking back. And if there's something specific you'd like to see, email

Machine Shop Services

Have an idea for a part or project but no way to make it yourself? The Airframes Alaska Machine Shop now offers machine time and limited drawing assistance to local inventors and tinkerers. Check out our equipment and capabilities here. Call for more information and rates.

Bushwheel Maintenance

You can find all recommendations for continued Bushwheels maintenance in your ICA, or click here for our quick tips.

Buying Used Bushwheels

Have you found a set of used Bushwheels for what appears to be a deal too good to be true. Read through this to make sure you don't get burned!

Tailwheel Shimmy Reduction and Prevention

Tailwheel shimmy is a complicated and sometimes contentious subject. Read this for more information on reduction and prevention with the 3200 series ABI or Scott tailwheels.

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