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Sensenich Composite Propellers


-Birch wood plank core
-Fiberglass composite wrap
-CNC milled
-Stainless bonded or riveted leading edge
-Sealant and primer finished with two coates of Polane catalyzed polyurethane enamel paint


-0-320 = 18 lbs (McCauley Borer - 34 lbs)
-0-360 = 18 lbs (McCauley Club - 44 lbs)
-Less vibration due to natural wood dampening
-Less engine damage from a prop strike (prop will break, not causing sudden engine stoppage)
-Fiberglass covering protects blade surface from FOD and erosion
-Certified composite prop

All Sensenich props are custom ordered to your specs. For prices and ordering give us a call at 907-331-4480