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Future Flyer kids shirt AK Antler Short Sleeve Tee Backcountry Bushwheels Tee
The Future Flyer youth shirt is for those young aviation fanatics that can't get enough buzz of a Super Cub, the bounce of an Alaskan Bushwheel, or the spirit of flying high.
The Antler is for the die hard hunters, the shed hunter, and the avid outdoorsman and outdoors woman chasing adventure.

Designed and printed in Alaska.
Bushwheels are used to their fullest potential landing on boulders, tundra, tussock, and high alpine. Get the shirt that honors the backcountry capabilities of the Alaskan Bushwheel.

Designed and printed in Alaska.
Last Frontier Flyer 100 Percent Alaskan Tee 49th State STOL Tee
The Last Frontier Flyer tee is best used in the cockpit, the hangar, or at fly-ins. Whether you're a seasoned bush pilot or new to aviation, this shirt is fit for any aviation occasion.

Designed and printed in Alaska.
Homegrown here in the Last Frontier, Airframes Alaska extends to all areas of the state and all types of outdoor . This shirt is for the adventurers using Alaskan Bushwheels to access remote runways, Arctic Oven users trekking across the far north to harvest game, or Northern Sled Works enthusiasts to haul gear across far gone trails to remote cabins. STOL in the 49th State is just a little bit different. In Alaska it's a way of life and at Airframes we do everything we can to help make those short take offs and landings more achievable.

Designed and printed in Alaska.
STOL Sweatshirt Last Frontier Flyer Badge Hooded Sweatshirt Fireweed Design Hooded Sweatshirt
The new STOL hoodie. Whether you're in the Last Frontier or the Lower 48, the STOL sweatshirt is for STOL enthusiasts that want to pay homage to the great state that inspired it all.

Designed and printed in Alaska.
A hoodie designed for a quick run about the Chugach, or an adventurous cross-country trek logging miles. The Last Frontier Flyer is a must have addition to your selection of gear.

Designed and printed in Alaska.
The backcountry is what inspired this zip-up. From endless exploration under the midnight sun, to the fall harvest and the last bit of fireweed, this zip-up is about adventure.

Designed by local artist Jennifer Sonne, and printed in Alaska.
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