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T3 Tailwheel Suspension Upgrade Kit
Single Shock T3 Tailwheel Suspension Upgrade Kit
PRICE: $610.00

Customized Package Price: $610.00
ID: 6668738
Division: ABI LLC
Department: Tailsprings
Category: OPTIONS


T3 Upgrade

T3 Single Machined Swing Arm*:

T3 Fuselage attach brackets*:

T3 Coilover shock assembly upgrade:

T3 Tailwheel Suspension Upgrade Kit
This kit will upgrade your existing single shock T3 to our new Revision 2 model.
We've listened to our customers and created a stiffer, stronger and better rebounding suspension at the same weight as the original.
-Wider clamping area, fewer fasteners, and a simplified, stiffer design
-Solid aluminum swingarm for durability
-All-new shocks that are twice as strong with improved valves for smoother rebounding

All parts available individually or as a kit!

T3 Tailwheel Suspension Systems models are currently for experimental use only. Only single-hole tailwheel heads are currently supported.

Resources and Documentation
  • Product sheet available here.