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6' Cross Fox Sled
6 ft Cross Fox Sled
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Base price starting at: $1,050.00

Customized Package Price: $1,050.00
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The Cross Fox is a hybrid between the previous Alpine Toboggan model and the traditional Siglin Sled. Higher sides mimic a favorite feature of the Alpine Toboggan, while the tongue and upturned front and back are modified from the ever-popular Siglin Sled line. This sled combines the best trail flexibility features of the Siglin Sled with the higher sides characteristic of the Alpine Toboggan to keep your load contained and drier.

Mini Cross Fox model measures 5’4″ L x 32″ W, and has a flat bottom measuring 4′ L x 24″ W.


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Updated February 2023

  • 12″ high sides to keep snow and overflow out of your load.
  • Tough, flexible 1/4 inch ultraviolet-resistant UHMW polyethylene in colors: red.
  • Triangular 3′ long tongue can be set up for either a flapper or pintle hitch. Spring-loaded hitches are available for an additional charge.
  • Unaffected by temperatures colder than 60 below F.
  • Sleds have a single 30″ piece of galvanized steel mounted in the middle of the bottom which keeps them tracking straight on both ice and steep side hills. Double skegs or runners are also available.
Airframes specializes in providing the right sled for any job, and offers a wide range of customization options and upgrades. Some upgrades, including stern plates, runners, and top rails, are custom-fit to the sled during the manufacturing process and may not be able to be installed later.
For quotes on upgrades or custom designs, contact us (907) 331-4480.

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