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Redirected from www.supercubsnorth.com? You're in the right spot! Airframes Alaska manufactures and distributes T3 suspension tailwheels. Read on for more details and available products.

One afternoon Dan Dufault -- Cub pilot, AP and AI mechanic, and builder of STOL-winning bush planes -- pondered a simple question: Why a static leaf spring when you can use a dynamic coil spring? From that light bulb moment in a hangar came the first suspension tailwheel prototype, multiple new models for more aircraft, and finally a partnership with Airframes Alaska to manufacture the design for the masses.

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Single Shock T3 Tailwheel Suspension Upgrade Kit T3 Tailwheel Suspension Upgrade Kit

For experimental single-shock, T3 tailwheel suspensions with single-hole tailwheel heads

PA-18 T3 Tailwheel Suspension PA-18 T3 Tailwheel Suspension

For experimental PA-18s with a gross weight of 2000 lbs.

PRICE: $815.00
Rans S7/S20 T3 Tailwheel Suspension Rans S7/S20 T3 Tailwheel Suspension

For experimental Rans S7/S20 with a gross weight of 1320 lbs.

PRICE: $815.00
CubCrafters T3 Tailwheel Suspension CubCrafters T3 Tailwheel Suspension

For experimental CubCrafters aircraft with a gross weight of 2000 lbs.

PRICE: $815.00
Kitfox T3 Tailwheel Suspension Kitfox T3 Tailwheel Suspension

For experimental Kitfox with a gross weight of 1550 lbs.

PRICE: $815.00
T3 Suspension Systems - Super Heavy Duty Piper/SQ-Style T3 Twin Shock Tailwheel Suspension

For experimental Piper type aircraft (like SQs) with a gross weight up to 2500 lbs.

PRICE: $922.00
Glasair Sportsman T3 Tailwheel Suspension Glasair Sportsman T3 Tailwheel Suspension

For experimental Glasair Sportsmans with a gross weight of 2300 lbs.

PRICE: $922.00
Glasair GlaStar T3 Tailwheel Suspension Glasair GlaStar T3 Tailwheel Suspension

For the experimental Glasair GlaStar with a gross weight of 2300 lbs.

PRICE: $922.00

Still on the fence? Here's what a few pilots running T3s have to say:

As for the T3 suspension, mine is installed (using Dan’s latest mounting design) and has been test taxied and flown. The tailwheel is AMAZING! Completely different airplane on the ground. Taxis better, lands better, keeps coffee hotter -- no, just kidding on the last one." - Dennis Vanatta, Glasair Sportsman

Finally tried out enough to do some testing. Perfect! That spring system works so well that it isn't even noticeable. I hope you take that as the compliment it is." - Alan Arnolde

With an articulated spring/damper system that prevents harsh movement like you'd get with a leaf spring (without damping), the T3 is a unit we have flown on our own bush plane and like a lot. It interfaces with the fuselage and the standard Scott tailwheel yoke, and it allows firm touchdowns on the tailwheel, without the rebound of a stiff spring that can launch you into a gallop down the runway." - Paul Dye, "Kitfox S7 STi: A Wonderful Development" from Kitplanes Magazine

"Now having almost 100 hours on my new Backcountry Super Cub Revision 2, I can tell you in full confidence that the T3 tail suspension is a gamechanger. Having several thousand hours in traditional leaf springs, the T3 suspension allows for a smooth ride and removes the bouncy feel of a traditional tail. I will recommend the T3 to anyone that's looking for next level performance for their bird." - Kevin Quinn, Bigtirepilot.com

"All installed - flown it a couple times now both on pavement at my home airport and gravel. I love it!!! Spent a few minutes today setting the preload and rebound - it is amazing the difference compared to the leaf spring. The tail just feels like it's floating now instead of banging around." - Steve Harris

"I didn't really have a problem with the old single tailspring [and] I'd never broken [one], but I had broken ALL the welds in the aft of the fuselage at around 1800 hours of fun. It was a pain to fix, so when this new tail suspension came out it caught my attention. Plus it looked cool. I was so impressed in general with the T3 that I had to have one for the new S7 Courier I was trying to sell. I ended up flying that one from Ohio to the west coast, up to Alaska, and back all at gross weight. It's been a solid, reliable setup." - Greg Swingle, Ohio Bush Planes
"I can't sing enough high praises about my T3. Lighten up the spring for light loads and let it flex. Tighten up as needed when you load 'er down. Anything I can do to releive stress on my tail section, I'm game for." - Posted by Timberwolf on BackcountryPilot.org

All T3 Tailwheel Suspension Systems models are currently for experimental use only.
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